Monday, March 14, 2011

Dishwasher drama

The dishwasher continues to confuse!

After dishwasher visit #1,000,000 with no answers, the dishwasher randomly started mostly working last week. By mostly working, I mean it washed and sort of dried the dishes, but after what we've gone though, I can handle some damp dishes! We turned up the heat in the water tank, so maybe that did it, but with the drying not working completely I don't believe it.

Anyways, it was working ok and we ran it a few times. Then we used it last night guessed it! Back to the same old problem! This dishwasher is going to turn my hair grey and take a few years off my life!

So back to the same problem. I know I've been spoiled but I've never lived anywhere without a dishwasher, and I've had enough of this handwashing/drying business!

We were told that after you buy a new house, expect something major to go wrong within the first six months...and that was true. So remember as a new homeowner...something within your abode will stop working sooner than it should. I just hope when it happens to you, it takes less than four months to fix it!


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